Environmental requirements for PHOZO

PHOZO runs in most of the environments, we have not tested it in all platforms but here are some where we do implement and where we tested PHOZO, here are the requirements below we suggest you to go with while starting with it to make sure you get the best from it.
  • PHOZO runs on Apache / Nginx servers
  • PHOZO runs with PHP 5.3 or greater versions
  • PHOZO runs with Mysqli 5.1.43 or greater versions

PHOZO runs on most of the web-server with PHP support, we did not test it on all but we believe there are no server dependencies in our core, and PHOZO requires a PHP server with MySQLi database support, It has no browser preference to work with, PHOZO works with all major browsers including mobile version of same.
Currently PHOZO support htaccess based rewrite mechanism which will not be supported in Windows servers, we are currently working on it to give support for Windows server. this stable version uses GD for processing images for creating thumbnails when you turn it as gallery, GD is an image processing library included in PHP core package, you dont need to look for it. but for the versions of server programs make sure you use the right server with right PHP and MySQLi versions,

Do I need to ask my hosting for PHOZO support?

Not actually necessary but as we built on MySQLi and there may be some one still using old versions and may not have support for MySQLi, you can ask your hosting for these about the availability of support.
Check in your server configuration info about the version of PHP they are offering and the support availability of MySQLi in our server.