Its all about Content Management, but we do have our own way in Managing, and PHOZO has got many features to enrich the procedure of Managing the Content. PHOZO can merge your Albums/Media to host along with Pages/Text, we don't need efforts to make your dream page on. PHOZO is not just a CMS, it prepares all your file management needs specially if you are looking to build your custom pages, you can add multiple themes and page layouts and can switch between them for managing the content. Its a very clean and lightweight framework that will manage all your URL processing and will present you a very clean and content rich URLs to make you popular on rankings.
Templating is color and color is life, Content along with a nice presentation will make you reach your targets, here PHOZO comes with Multi-Templating feature which allows to add multiple templates to run in same website, create as many templates as you wish and manage the content through them. it runs based on priority, you can apply a template to any Page, Folder, Media, and you can apply a specific template for a user too so when the user logs in user can experience all pages rendering with a different template even though the pages are not with that template really. Readmore here about Templating in PHOZO

PHOZO has file handling facility especially for scripts/code-blocks, upload all your script files here or create your own files with PHOZO and manage them use them here along with content Pages. You can extend PHOZO in a very simple way by writing your own requirement in a single file and embed the code block to any content page and render them as combined. There are facilities to Add/Create new script, to Edit/Update any existing script and to upload the script files from your device to PHOZO. Read more about Code Management in PHOZO
We strongly believe Text is not the only content, Media files, code and much more come under single word Content, we have the facility to turn your basic blogging application into a powerful photo publishing corner, It lets you to add Images, Videos, Audio files and much more to the pages. It can spread the shades along, one side a complete end blogging application with all the facilities to manage Text and at other side publishing media in an organized and controlled procedure. Read here on How to turn PHOZO into Gallery

Folders areentities everywhere, so when you visit any folder item listing page that contains diferent type of content the it just renders an indexing behaviour of all the items in it, we do let you to mask your folders with nicely organized content pages, so item list stay there but these Masking pages will overlay the content and gives you a better comfort in managing content. Check here about Masking Folders
We have no virtual Limits for you while organizing the content, design the layout as you wish, don't want the Right column? take it away in only on selected pages with few clicks on admin, so you don't need to worry about physical file editing. We have a concept Page Templates, these are unlimited, create as you wish and apply them to selected item or even to the entire site, PHOZO will render all the Template-Layout combination in a healthy way to get you the most in Templating. Here is the full story about Page Templates

We know that everything is limited and everyone needs unlimited!, we have a facility to extend PHOZO to any level with your custom code to make it apt for your requirement, we have a socket to inject code blocks easily into Pages so your code will execute and fulfil the requirement easily in a classic style of writing a text page. Just spend time in writing your requirement in code, take new page in PHOZO and assign your code to that, Thats It,PHOZO will look after the next things, Using Page Scripts is explained here.
Some times you know some thing is really not as you wish but you might need to to compromise in that, but no more compromise here, PHOZO has a great control over the complete flow, dash board is so Powerful and so easy, working over the content? Uploading media? Updating the code blocks? everything is at at your finger tip grip. See How PHOZO is flexible?

Mistakes are common aspects with Humans, so we have a very easy control over controlling the errors, put your site down with a message saying Site is under construction while you/your team is working on it, keep the content available even if some one looks for wrong URL instead of displaying a horrible 404, PHOZO has a classiication as System Pages, these page content is complete controllable as like other pages and will be rendered if any system error occures. Read here the Need of System Pages in real-time.
Be on the top, sit back and monitor the progress, PHOZO has an access limiting/controlling procedure which will manage the access of complete administration over multiple users, split it as Divisions and assign each to user/group so they can work around the limited area allocated by you, design their capabilities with your clicks in admin. Check this Complete story on Folder Access

Capturing is for Sharing, we have all the capability to manage your media load with an enriching reply-posting mechanism, It lets to continue your conversations under a common label named as Comments, but it is different in PHOZO, a multi channel commenting which turns as group chat room. Start learning Comment Mechanism in PHOZO here