Right here, this article explains you and drives you through all the information/steps to install PHOZO in very right way, it takes less than 5 mins to setup, only three steps to give in, and then start your own way of presenting your content.

How to get PHOZO?

PHOZO is complete Opensource and absolutely free to use/edit/distribute, please check our licence document for further information, and you can download it from our website's downloads page, just fill the required information and get it to your very own place, quick link to download is just down here and please get it to start new colors in content management. Here, hope you got the supported bundle for you from the above download link, extract the files from the bundle and them in your server directory, make sure your server is running and then call the locations in your browser.
You will get a welcome screen of PHOZO asking you to proceed Installation, this is the first screen in the entire PHOZO package, please click Proceed button to take next step in the installation, lets get into next step, click Proceed button.

Step 1 | Give the very required.

This page begins your installing procedure, just give your business name there and choose your language that you need to proceed further and after. PHOZO has multi-language admin support, see all your controls in your own language, pick a language which you love most and click Validate there, If all your field data is OK, then installer turns the button in the bottom to say Proceed, else will make that to read Try-again, so you may need to try again with some right info about you. If all the data/information is fine then you will see button reading Proceed, click on it to step into next step.

Step 2 | Configure the pre-requisites

Its a CMS stores content in Database, so it is a must-do component, you need to tell PHOZO about your storage properties with all the required information, it needs only very primary ones like your DB name, accessing username and corresponding password.
  • Database Host : Your database host name
  • Database Name : Your database name where you are looking to install PHOZO
  • Username : Your database username
  • Password : Your database password
  • Table Prefix : A prefix added to all tables while installing

If you are trying to do Multiple-Installations in same Database then you need to differentiate the tables for each installation, choose Table prefix field in this step to add a common string on each table while creating that makes perfect to run multiple installations of PHOZO on same database. If you fill out all fields with all required details then click over Validate button to let PHOZO validate the values you did put in.
When all the fields are with correct details then validation action will turn the bottom button into Proceed, if some thing is wrong then you will be pointed with error and Try-Again button right down there, fill all correct details and get Proceed button on validation and check the next step by clicking Proceed button here.

Step 3 | Create account for yourself to access PHOZO.

Alright, everything is moving in fine way, here to create an account for you to login the admin area of PHOZO where you can actually manage the content and to enjoy features and power of PHOZO.
Just fill out the info requested by PHOZO, it needs all those info to create a secured account for you.
  • First Name : Your First name probably
  • Last Name : Your Last name
  • E-Mail ID : Your e-mail to help PHOZO to send you the info on your requests like password recovery etc,.
  • User Name : Name/Key you wish to login into PHOZO admin panel
  • Password :Password for the name you selected
  • Confirm Password :Just re-enter the same password again
Click on Validate button to validate your data in PHOZO terms, if everything is in right format you do get the same button turned to say Install, if it fins any mistakes/errors in the data given then it points you with the error ans says Try-Again.

Click over Install button there and now PHOZO starts doing everything required to run itself in very safe and secured mode, once everything done it returns you with a success message and button saying Complete it, mean to complete the installation procedure and click over it, it justs completes everything and will take you to final installation screen with links for your Admin Area and to the site area.
That's all, it did all required to start your own web-application, start exploring PHOZO admin and read further documentation to convert this like an army tool in managing your website.