Welcome to admin manual of PHOZO, here we do have articles for the procedures of adding/managing content in PHOZO, we believe you have done everything in installing PHOZO, if not please check our installation documentation for the steps to install PHOZO.

What can be done with PHOZO?

PHOZO is a content management system with all the capability to manage content that includes text, images, videos, code and categorizing them into folders etc,. Its all the way how you use it, this document will help to learn how to use PHOZO features in a very easy and efficient way. One side with all the power to control content with templating control and in other side an easy way to build your very own scripts to run by PHOZO, every one like to be in very different way either in representing or in managing, we dont think we have virtual limitations in building web-applications with PHOZO, any thing can be accomplished in a very simple procedure.
It mainly focuses on content management, content includes text/pages which is just implemented for writing articles or content pages over to share information, we have a very easy approach to these pages to create and to manage the content over pages, add media file to the website and turn it as your gallery instantly, add and edit the media file you wish to organize over, organize them in categories/albums basically they are called as folders, if you add media then they are Albums and if you them to contain pages then they are categories. Yes, get all the control to your hand, including comments on the pages, do you wish to all other to comment? then allow them, if not hide the the comments, you can control this to any page that renders with PHOZO, apply any template to any page and any layout(Page-Template) to Template combination to any page and enjoy the magic in presentation.
We have built our paragraphs formally little text blocks to appear over pages with a date range, so it just appears and hides automatically, you have the capability to controll your all web-site menus over admin panel, create, manage,sort and much more, power is just right there, and the other way of categorizing using Tags, organize your content out of all certainties, create a Tag and list any content under it, its just that simple to track. It lets you to do much more in other sections, just read the full documentation in further pages to know how we are stating PHOZO is powerful, you can justify after knowing the possibilities in admin panel.