Already using PHOZO? not sure how to copy/move this installation into other environment/location in the same server? this article explains you the way of moving/configuring the installed copy of PHOZO to work properly in other locations.

Do I need to be an expert to configure PHOZO?

No, you don't need to be a Web-Expert to configure/move PHOZO, any one having a basic knowledge of moving files over locations and with basic knowledge of file editing/saving can configure PHOZO, it is very simple to re-configure it and it needs only one file to edit.
You dont need any tools to do this, a text file editor will be sufficient, here are the steps to make it in right way.
  1. Move/copy all files from source location to destination location
  2. Find configuration file in the package located here your_location/includes/config.php
  3. Edit this file and save back, Instructions are given below
That's it, this is the only simple things you need to do to move/configure PHOZO.

Instructions to change Configuration page(config.php)

This is the only file that makes all relations in PHOZO, just open in it a text editor, Notepad++ would be a better choice, and steps are below to edit the configuration settings.

Please check the below constants and change them as per the description with appropriate values. here place your database host name, the name where the webserver can access your database.
Placeyour database access user name, with wich you want to let PHOZO to access database.
This is your dabase user password, PHP will connect your database with the username and password you set here.
This is your database name, with which name you installed the DB export file into your new location, dont change the database related valuesunless you change the DB server or if you have moved over file and db server.
This is the prefix added to all table names while installing and if you change this PHOZO will look for the same tables in the database, dont change this unless you rename the tables with a common prefix.
Give the web path to the root-directory of your server, this is your domain mostly where your root server will be triggered with, please make sure you follow from web root.
paste the file path to your server directory, its not just same as web path, it is the path of your server root directory, capture the file system path to your directory and give it here.
This is the location from server root to instaleld directory, if you install in root then it will be just a "/" but if you choose to install inside any sub-directory then you need to mention that directory here.