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PHOZO is few more clicks away!, Thanks for choosing PHOZO to help your business, PHOZO comes under Opensource licence and completely Free of Cost, use it, extend it, distribute it. We need few details about you before you go with PHOZO practice, let us know your name and contact address and pick the type f compression as per your requirement and download it.
PHOZO is growing, we are building our-self better everyday and we welcome your contribution too, make your custom scripts available to other user by making them as Extensions(Read here the Rules of Making Extensions), put your code in a proper way so everyone can understand it better and may extend too if needed, and once you are done please give us your files with detailed description about your initial requirement for your code. We will make them into official distributions that will help many others as like you. We have a growing list of extensions for PHOZO, check here the Complete Extension List.
Support PHOZO, contribute in your own comfort, join us, code with us as little as you can, it doesn't matter about the quantity, its just about the dedication towards Opensource Development.
You can support PHOZO by funding the native developers too, you don't need to donate towards us, hire us instead, we have a pool of experts to cope with your vision projects and will ensure the quality in standard levels as we do in PHOZO, let us know your requirement and start a deal so we can earn to survive and shall survive to code.