PHOZO is not just simple to use, it has much more for you, we Core team are working towards making PHOZO much more simple and to suit most of your needs mean while our Documenting team do write articles in a very easy manner about each feature to spread PHOZO easiness over the Globe, we are moving, we are learning, we are developing and we are Writing too,
This is user documentation for those who want to get the most from PHOZO and it keeps all content open and available to our followers/users, PHOZO has many features and few of them are like in other CMS applications but few options are completely brand new, we are introducing them, we have a very clean documentation about all those here, continue reading to know how PHOZO differs than other.
This documentation is going to explain you about all procedural flow of using PHOZO, it explains you about installation and environmental requirements for PHOZO, and if you are specially looking for configuring the files to move PHOZO to different location. and a very clean approach for managing the configurational settings and other.
We have a very clean pages for managing content combines Page creation and management along with the attributes for each page and how PHOZO treats them, and about managing Files and their attributes, we have content for managing Folders as Gallery and Blog purposes, and we did write about the Usage of Paragraphs and managing them , the way of using Menu manager and Tag manager, we know it is essential to keep menus on every website, with out navigation its nothing, PHOZO makes it easy and simple, read more on Menu management and using them for navigating, Tag manager is another generic way of categorizing all the content with Tags.
This documentation next covers the procedures of managing Templates, Page Templates, Extension handling and widget management including Page scripts, a new feature introduced by PHOZO for custom page building. And the next chapter is about PHOZO setting, controlling the core with settings to match your needs, and to match the specifications, with PHOZO you have the ease of controlling everything from site name to content pagination.
We have another chapter that explains about User management and user permissions, user management is much more flexible and powerful in PHOZO, it has all the control over content, practice with permissions and limit the access to your users.

If you wish to contribute or to alter PHOZO for your own needs, then you have other place to read, please check our developer documentation to know better a bout PHOZO core and its adaptability, you might interested to read our support page and Code with us pages for more information. .