PHOZO is CMS, absolutely Content Management System, we manage Content in brief and Code, Text and all kinds of Media in detail, we are an Open-Source team working towards easing the procedure on managing Code, Text and all media files, in other side PHOZO is a super flexible framework which has extension adoption support and a very simple procedure for handling URLs, PHOZO deeply points its view on Templating, the best in class Templating CMS with Multi Template-Layout combination programming.
PHOZO is an OpenSource package, its absolutely free to download,to extend and to distribute, we are building a Healthy and Opensource Community which gives a better resolution to the world of enthusiastic developers/contributors to exciting users, we love to develop and we love to present, we do welcome you always in joining us, stay in your place built it better and server to the WORLD.
PHOZO is built on PHP and only able to manage code blocks of PHP, we are growing, PHOZO currently runs on Apache(PHP-MySQL) base, we are regulating it to make cross-platform solution.
PHOZO is mainly introduced for templating ease, it has got two conceptual procedures for handling visual patterns
  1. Templates
  2. Page Templates
Templates are a bundle of Physical files which renders in automated way to compete the requirements in content managing, they will let us to choose the own way to represent, they are colors, styles and lot more, create a template to represent your visual dignity and activate that for specific text pages and content pages. You can download Templates from PHOZO library, alter them in your own way as you do in other CMS platforms.
Page Templates(Layout) are a new concept, PHOZO introduces it defining them as a facility to control the layouts as per your preferences, We know, most of the developers do fight in controlling layouts on most of the programming hours, some times we would wish to keep a left column to put navigation on it, and not in some other pages, specifically for this PHOZO has a better way of controlling them via Page Templates.
In other side, you can set any Template-Layout to any content page, just to any one, PHOZO understands it well and do a better job in solving your specifications to render in true mode.
PHOZO is organized by a small team of enthusiastic engineers, we do survive to code and what let us to survive then? PHOZO accepts open funding to help developers to stay in contributing PHOZO(check Support page for more details in supporting PHOZO) and PHOZO developers are ready to work with commercial deals so we do earn and we do contribute the rest of the time in building it better.
We have a small team of developers, designers and other technical masters together to work with real clients and to help in building PHOZO, you don't need to fund us, hire us instead.